So I am not one of those guys who remembers every special day in a relationship, or brings flowers on every holiday invented by Hallmark…but today is special to me for a pretty memorable reason.

On January 18th, 2001 I met Leslie for the first time at a Harding basketball game. I wasn’t very smooth or suave (I actually tried flirting with her by pushing her out on the court). I had not gotten past the whole Jr. High way of showing a girl I liked her. All I knew was that I really, really liked this girl.

I liked her so much in fact, that I went back to my dorm room and told my roommate that I had met the girl that I was going to marry. He immediately sat up in his bed and made me write down this statement:

I, Jonathan Storment, will marry Leslie Maas, January 18th, 2001.

Sounds romantic right? My roommate and I told a couple other close friends, and here is where it gets sticky. One of those friends, told her a couple of days later about what I had said and written about her.

Did I mention that I had just met Leslie?

So I go from being some guy who might have some sweet way to propose in the future, to being a really, really creepy guy who is moving way too fast…and she thinks I’m too short.

Needless to say, it was an uphill climb for a bit in our relationship.

But despite my good friend’s betrayal of trust (Josh Harriman you know who you are), things worked out and 8 years later I am so thankful that I bumped into her at that game.

Leslie has only gotten better, she has been better to me than I have been to her. She exemplifies selflessness with the way she serves others. She encourages me to be the man that I am not, but that she believes I could be.

I don’t know how God works with bringing people together. Whenever I hear someone say that God told them to marry this person I am always skeptical. But whatever gave me that impulse when I first met Leslie, I thank God for. Because after 8 years of knowing her, almost 6 years of marriage, and one beautiful daughter, I am one lucky man.

Happy Anniversary Sugar-Britches.

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My family and I love reading, traveling, daddy/daughter dates, playing hide and seek, good music, and long meals with friends. We still miss LOST, and all four of us have Superman uniforms. We are passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth and want to follow Jesus while repainting discipleship for those around us. We are followers of Jesus and I preach at the Highland Church of Christ. We participate in something called A Restoration Movement, and we've come to realize that might be larger than we thought.

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