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Reverse Jonah

So last night I finished up preaching through the book of Acts after 2 years of living in it. On some levels I’m grateful to take a break from Acts. It’s hard to have an office job when you are reading about your predecessors always moving and risking everything.  But on a lot of levels I’m going to miss it. I have grown a lot in Acts for the past few years. It’s made me want to write a book about the subject, but more importantly, it’s made me want to be more like those earlier Christians.

And here’s a great example of why. Continue reading Reverse Jonah


So last night Leslie and I spent time hanging out with a small group of people from our church that we had hung out with a few times before. We all knew each other individually, but we were drawn together corporately last year to go to a conference with a very specific purpose.

The Conference was called “Generous Giving” and as you can probably guess from the title, it was about helping people learn how to view their resources from a different perspective.And the way they did that wasn’t by flowcharts or financial piecharts…but with stories. Continue reading Taxes

Writing to Change the World

I’m going to let you in on a secret that all preachers know. It’s pretty well kept, and not much talked about. Here it is:

It’s not really about what we say. Sure, we work hard, we try and shape our words to shape other people’s worlds. But I’d bet that almost every preacher has had a time where after a sermon someone comes up to them and tells them about something they heard them say that dramatically impacted their life, something profound and inspiring.

And they never said it. Continue reading Writing to Change the World

Creating Parables

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with a visionary guy who cares deeply about following Jesus, and being innovative. And he’s good at it. I’m talking, major music video producer, good at it. He’s produced just about everyone of Carrie Underwood’s videos, and interesting side note, he actually produced the Taylor Swift award winning video that Kayne West made such a fuss about at the awards ceremony. Continue reading Creating Parables

Genesis, Burbank, and Fletch

N.T Wright has been one of my favorite Theologians for the past several years, and I’m interested to hear what you think about his comments here on Genesis 1-2. Listen carefully to what he’s saying because he’s not arguing against God creating the world, but rather against a flat reading of the text that turns Genesis into a running argument against Charles Darwin or Enlightenment for that matter. What’s your thoughts on this? Can you see where he’s coming from? What do you think is gained or lost with this kind of reading of these chapters? Continue reading Genesis, Burbank, and Fletch