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The Guest List

So this is the 2nd video in our small Group series, “Jesus Throws the Best Parties.” I had someone stop me in a Blockbuster on Friday, and asked me if I had just been in a video for a small group he was attending. He didn’t go to RHCC, but he had been invited to one of our small groups and he was getting genuinely connected with community.

So keep it up, use this link to let people know about/invite them to your small group. Continue reading The Guest List

Jesus Throws the Best Parties

So today is the beginning of the Richland Hills Church of Christ small groups series, “Jesus Throws the Best Parties.” This has been what I’ve, along with a team of very talented people, been working on for the past month. So all RHCC members, each week we will post a small preview of that night’s video lesson, it will be on the RHCC Facebook Fan page, and the RHCC Twitter account. Continue reading Jesus Throws the Best Parties

Not in Vain

In 1st Corinthians 15, Paul gives us the longest treatise on the resurrection in the whole Bible. It’s one of my favorite chapters in all of Scripture. It’s about the world being set right, everything is how it should be, death is no longer a factor. But Paul chooses to end this chapter in a strange way. He says, “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” Continue reading Not in Vain

Friday Misc.

So Leslie, the kids and I are all headed to Nashville in a few hours to spend some time with some great friends, the Graves’ and Michael Peters. And Sunday I’ll get to  preach at the Otter Creek Church of Christ. I’ve been to OC a few times. It’s one of my favorite Kingdom outpost’s, and Josh Graves is one of my favorite people/preachers. So I’m pretty excited about being there this weekend. And since life is so hectic at home (trying to sell a house is no picnic), it’s good to have a weekend to get away as a family.

Continue reading Friday Misc.

God is Not One

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I’ve been interested in Stephen Prothero for a while now. He’s written extensively on the effects that the Judeo-Christian religion has had on the development of Western culture. But unlike many who write on that subject, Prothero has garnered some attention, some good attention. Maybe it’s because he’s not dogmatic about what he believes. He labels himself a confused Christian. Continue reading God is Not One

Not Like the Gentiles

When I first got out of college I read a lot of books on leadership. 7 different ways to influence your boss, The 23 questions Every Leader Asks,  How to Lead Like a Ninja.

You know, the usual.

And maybe it’s true that our American culture has over-emphasized leadership. While we didn’t invent the King we did have something to do with inventing a new style of leadership. We have studied, researched, parsed and promoted a thousand different ways to lead. Except one… Continue reading Not Like the Gentiles

Shooting Stories

This is a video that I shot for RHCC a few years ago. I think it must have been after I watched my first NOOMA film and decided that Rob Bell was on to something. And while I probably went overboard with the whole shaving my head and wearing black rimmed glasses, there is a good reason that this kind of genre resonated with me so deeply.

Because it’s a great way to tell stories, and Jesus told great stories. Continue reading Shooting Stories

There’s always enough

So a few years ago I read a book for a grad class on the differences between the Mexican and American worldview. It was a fascinating book that has had a lot of influence on how I think about the world, and specifically our neighbors to the south. But one of the most interesting parts of the book was where the author talked about how both the American and Mexican cultures tend to view their stuff.

We see it as limited. Continue reading There’s always enough