Sending and Going

So last night we had our final goodbye at the Richland Hills church of Christ. We stood around for about two hours, saying goodbye to so many people who have invested in us over the past 8 years. It was a really sweet time of encouragement and blessing for our little family. And since next week, we will be leaving to go to Abilene, I’d like to say a couple of things to both the Richland Hills people and Highland people reading this.

1. We aren’t leaving Richland Hills, we are being sent by them. The word missional is a buzz word in churches these days, but long before it was a trend, it was a philosophy of ministry at RHCC. They’ve taught Leslie and I to realize just how big the Kingdom of God is. And our decision to come to Highland was an extension of that. We believe that God is doing some huge stuff at the Highland Church and has called us for this time. And for the past 8 years the Kingdom Outpost at Richland Hills has been preparing us to go. I will never forget Rick’s blessing on this video. It was one last gift from a church family that sees a bigger world beyond their own four walls.

2. Highland church, I hope this video doesn’t scare you too much. These are just some of my blooper reel from the past few years. This is the stuff you never put on a resume…They say that preaching is like learning to play the violin in public. I hope this doesn’t make some of you start questioning y’alls decision to bring us there. I’ve taken some risks through the years in preaching, and as you can see they don’t always pan out.

We’re really excited about this new season in our lives. Last night was just a re-affirmation that we have been called to this new ministry. Thanks for the stories Richland Hills! And Highland church, we are excited about making some new ones with you.

Grace and Peace,

The Storment Family

About jonathanstorment

My family and I love reading, traveling, daddy/daughter dates, playing hide and seek, good music, and long meals with friends. We still miss LOST, and all four of us have Superman uniforms. We are passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth and want to follow Jesus while repainting discipleship for those around us. We are followers of Jesus and I preach at the Highland Church of Christ. We participate in something called A Restoration Movement, and we've come to realize that might be larger than we thought.

12 thoughts on “Sending and Going

  1. I love how richly tied you and Leslie are to RHCC. I also loved what you said about that specific church, helping to form, cultivate, and hoan (sp?) your vision for ministry and incarnational living in a community. Know that this community of believers is so ready to partner with your skill-set, giftedness, and your precious spirit, in order that we all as a church body may see God’s glory, His ordinances, and His incomprehensible love invade this earth. More specifically, the Abilene community as we live the Way of Christ together, hand in hand and heart to heart. Love you, Storment family! Can’t wait to give you BIG hugs.

  2. I just played this video with Diane Cope and several from HIS KIDS Ministry gathered around my desk watching with me. In the midst of the laughter, we were nearly in tears with Rick’s final comments. My feelings were thoughts of guilt for taking you and your family away from Richland Hills! We are all even more excited than ever about having you come to be a part of the Highland family.

    May God bless you with all the strength, organization, and helpers you need as you bring your home there to a close. We hope to make you feel at home here very quickly – a difficult task knowing that you are leaving such a blessed place.

  3. All joy, peace and comfort from our loving God for you, your beautiful family, and RHCC as a result of your move. Highland is SO on edge of seat in anticipation of your arrival. May our welcoming joy help ease the pain of your separation from RHCC!

    Please do remember – packing is the worst part of moving and neither you nor Leslie have to do it alone. There are approximately 2000 Highlanders that would be blessed to help you get unpacked and settled. We’re also ready to answer/help with the “where is a ….?” list. IOW – we’re ready for y’all to get here!

    As usual, our compassionate elders have loaded these last two weeks with blockbuster speakers as we await your first Sunday at Highland; Josh Ross and Dr. Jerry Taylor …. we wait with great expectation and love for your arrival!! In His great and eternal love, grace and mercy!!!

  4. Awesome video, man. Can’t wait to visit y’all in Abilene and as much as I hope it’s a knock-out sermon when I’m there, I wouldn’t be disappointed in a good blooper.

    Love ya, buddy

  5. Lauren, Kathy, and Becky, we are in town now, at least I am. So I look forward to seeing y’all soon!

    Thanks Carla, I’m glad that y’all got a kick out of it. Those were fun times in our lives that we will always treasure. It’s good being right down the hall from you now. I can keep a better watch on you to make sure you and Bro. Danny don’t form a coalition.

    Josh, thanks man. I was so excited about doing that. The problem is the ceiling at RHCC was about 80 feet up, and someone had to scale the scaffolds to do that. They should get the majority of credit for that one.

    Maynard, Thanks man, we are here now. You’ve got to come visit soon!

    Wes, I agree.

  6. Jonathan, I needed this laughter today. We met last night at Highland. I was the one sneaking around in the hall and the one who told you that we would be neighbors. This video definitely did not change my mind about you….in fact, it made even more excited. Your spirit of fun and your easy laughter make me smile and I can’t wait for more fun moments at Highland. We have a great neighborhood….quiet and shady, full of families and people who like to be outside….riding bikes, walking with their strollers, just walking or running and working in their yards. We love it there and there are a ton of Highland families all around you….all great people….and all ready to be family. I hope you feel our anticipation and our intense love for you and Lesley and your kids. We prayed for you…long before we knew it was you.

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