Monthly Archives: September 2010

Why I Preach

I’ve been asked a few times in my life why I care so much about preaching. After all, it’s just a person standing in front of someone saying words. Fundamentally, a preacher looks like an auctioneer or Bingo director. But in reality, I think it’s so much more.

Right now, I’m trying to dream up a way to re-present what preaching is to the college students I live around. I think that for so long preaching has gotten associated with protecting the status quo. To preach, has become synonymous with other forms of speeches. But this was never what it was intended to be. Continue reading Why I Preach

Turning Thirty

I remember when I was in College, whenever I would meet someone in their thirties,  I would always assume they weren’t long for this world. Thirty seems like a different dimension. One in which people went to bed at 8 p.m. after watching Matlock and eating at Luby’s.

Only one of those is true.

On retrospect, I was very, very wrong. But at least I can still remember what my perception was. By the time I turn 40 the memory will go.

Yesterday I spoke at Lipscomb University’s Chapel, I got to meet a lot of students there (Let me just say, Lipscomb is doing some great stuff, The Lowry’s are some amazing people who have a vision for that school that is exciting). I was glad that my last time to preach in my 20’s was to college students…while I can still relate. Continue reading Turning Thirty

The Age of Spirituality

So this is a new movie slated to come out in the next couple of months. At first glance, it’s your typical Hollywood production. Big name stars, myterious plot lines, and one (apparantly) large disaster. But what’s interesting to me is what is becoming “typical” these days.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like if this was a movie made in the 80’s, or even early 90’s, it would be exposing the fallacy of this kind of mysterious spirituality. Think Leap of Faith with Steve Martin (one of my favorites). But something has shifted. Continue reading The Age of Spirituality


When I first heard about Pastor Terry Jones, like most people, I was incredulous about the new National Nut case. I guess I get why he did it. There is not a quicker way to get people to both hate and pay attention to you as to threaten to burn something religious. And this guy has got some obviously pretty strong opinions about the Mosque on Ground Zero. And he was going to do something about it. Continue reading Pluralism

It Happens

So last night I went, for the first time, to Grace Fellowship, a community ministry of the Highland Church.  Grace is in a lower socio-economic area of town, and it’s primary goal is to take church to the people. One of my favorite aspects of Grace, is that across the street there is a community garden, where the neighbors can go plant, harvest and eat their own fruit and vegetables.

But that got me thinking. Continue reading It Happens