Monthly Archives: October 2010

Professional Prodigals

Friday night, the Texas Rangers defeated the Babylon of the Major Leagues. Poetically, ARod strikes out looking (and sweet justice rolled down like rolling rivers). And nothing was left but the celebration. Everyone was celebrating (except the Yankees). But not everyone was celebrating the same way. Most players were drinking Champagne, but not Josh Hamilton. He was drinking Ginger Ale, and that was okay. Continue reading Professional Prodigals

Touring Church

So for the last few days, I’ve been reading “Not Buying It” by Judith Levine. It’s a well written memoir from the life of one lady who decided to step outside of consumerism for an entire year. Her husband and she made the decision to not make one purchase for 12 months, and then they journaled what that experience was like…Their journal turned into a book, which, ironically, sold quite well. Continue reading Touring Church


So I’ve spent the better part of this week in Atlanta, with most of the Highland Staff. We’re at the Catalyst conference, and it is seriously rocking my world. It’s been great hearing speakers like John Ortberg, Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, Seth Godin among many, many others. The Worship has been amazing too…imagine singing with 13,000 other Christian leaders who are worshipping out of a life of wounds and triumphs.

But the best part is this: Innovation. Continue reading Innovation


About a year ago, I was back in Arkansas preaching at something. And on my way back to Fort Worth I stopped off at Bro. Foy Mitchell’s house. Foy was the Patriarch of that little 10 person church that I grew up in. He was one of the craziest people I have ever known, but he was crazy for Jesus.I was worred that Bro. Foy would get on to me for not working at a church that was just like the one he helped raise me in. I was working at Richland Hills, and I had heard through the grapevine that Foy now knew that RHCC had made some changes. Continue reading Turbulence