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The Way We Appear

A couple of weeks ago, in a Highland Shepherds meeting, Jerry Taylor came by to give us a vision that he had. It was a vision of a day when churches everywhere were not some of the most segregated places in the world. It was a passionate and compelling vision, but what I thought was interesting was why he said this is something that we needed to do. He said it was Gospel work.

So right now we are in a Disney phase in the Storment house. It’s princess this and princess that (Eden is even starting to get involved). Last week,  I was watching Beauty and the Beast with Eden. It was great watching her eyes light up when the dishes sang and danced, and as I remembered, it was a Disney movie with a story. The pretty, young Belle learns that it’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it what is on the inside that counts. She learns to look past the cosmetic differences and finds beauty under the Beast. Continue reading The Way We Appear

When Jesus Interrupts Christmas

So I’ve wondered before what the difference was between Christmas and Winter Soltice, the winter festival that existed long before Jesus ever entered our world at Bethlehem. There was a lot of gift giving and celebrations, people would have elaborate feasts. In other words, are we really that different than a pagan festival that was celebrated by so many for so long?

Now I’m not against “Tickle-Me-Elmo’s” but most of us do have to admit that if you took Jesus out of Christmas not much would change. This holiday, one of the most beautiful times on the Christian calendar, has been turned into a pretty commercial thing.

And that’s why I like this video so much. Continue reading When Jesus Interrupts Christmas

Jonah Serves Chicken Wings

I remember as a kid, watching baseball phenom Darryl Strawberry play. I had a few of his cards, and had the opportunity to follow him somewhat through his career. Unfortunatly, that was not so much because of his raw talent (which was certainly there), but because of his off-field exploits. Watching Strawberry’s life unfold was kind of like a real-life exposition of Romans 7.

You were seeing a man, who did what he didn’t want to do, and just couldn’t seem to do what he wanted to. And maybe that’s why I was always so interested in him. I think Darryl Strawberry’s life was kind of a snapshot into the human condition. And I believe, that most of us who are honest would admit that we know exactly what this kind of failure feels like. Continue reading Jonah Serves Chicken Wings

The Face of God

A few weeks ago, USA Today ran a fascinating, front-page article about How America Sees God. The main premise behind the article was that, while most Americans admit to believing in God, more often than not, they don’t agree on what kind of God it is they believe in.

I’m not talking about Judaism vs. Christianity or Islam. Most of these people would identify with some form of the Jesus movement, but they are all over the map on what kind of God that Jesus represents. Continue reading The Face of God