An Interview With Gabe Lyons

Last month, I had the pleasure to sit down with Gabe Lyons. Gabe co-authored the ground breaking book Unchurched. Gabe has his pulse on the culture, and is very hopeful about the future of the church and her place in the world.

Gabe is also the author of one of my favorite books, The Next Christians, to talk with him about his idea that the Next Christians are passionate about Restoration. Obviously as someone who belongs to a church that is committed to A Restoration Movement, I’ve found this language very helpful.

So when I found out that Gabe was going to be in a neighboring state last month I flew down to talk with him about how to help make his book more known to our tribe. When I sat down with Gabe I asked him 5 questions:

1. In your book, you say that you can’t understand the Next Christians if you don’t understand Restoration. What do mean by that?

2. You say in your book, We have all these Christians who think their only role in society is evangelism. You are all for evangelism, but you are passionate about helping Christians rediscover why their vocation matters. Why is that so important?

3. In contemporary Christian we often have this idea that God is best found inside the church building, but not in our daily lives. What are practical ways that you’ve seen churches help people see God in their everyday life/home/work?

4. I’ve seen a lot of churches respond to the precipitous loss of young adults attending their church by asking, “What event/service/program should we create for them to come back?” Why do you think that’s the wrong question to ask, and what is the right one?

5. It Sounds to me Like you are calling us to be more like the early Christians (which sounds familiar). Why do you think that’s important?

I’m very passionate about the ideas that Gabe talks about in his book, if you are a regular reader here you may remember that I’ve talked about Gabe’s book earlier here and here. If you are a member of Churches of Christ, or a church leader interested in Restoration, I can’t recommend reading this book enough.

The Next Christians was recently re-released with a new chapter, and you can buy it here, if you are interested in going deeper in some of the ideas that Gabe is talking then I highly recommend his conference Q Ideas: Ideas for the Common Good.

Special thanks to the Pleasant Valley Church for partnering with the Highland Church to make this video.

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