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Here’s a few of my favorite sermons. Click to listen.

Justice and Mercy

One of the best stories in the New Testament begins with one of the worst days in the life of a woman. She had committed the cardinal sin of Adultery, and now everyone knew it…and everything hinges on what Jesus does with her. This story has always fascinated me. It’s a story about the character of God, about the deeply broken nature of humanity, and how beautiful it can be when those two things intersect in Jesus.

[audio:|titles=Justice and Mercy]

Doing Gospel

Almost a decade ago I had a Bible study with a young man who was very interested in the story of Jesus. We went through the gospel of Mark together, and at the end of our time together I asked him what he thought about the story of Jesus. His response baffled me. He said that he was glad this was true for me, but it wasn’t true for him. Since then I’ve heard this answer many times, but I had never heard it before then. It caught me off guard. After thinking about this a while, I think I know what he was saying in the best way he knew how. He was saying he didn’t want to be like me. If this is where this truth has led me, he didn’t want to follow it.

This sermon is for him.

[audio:|titles=Doing Gospel]