Suggested websites for research:

En-gedi Resource Center: Plenty of articles on here about the Jewish roots of Christianity

Follow the Rabbi: Ray VanDer Laan’s site

Bible History Online: The name pretty much gives it away.

Jewish Virtual Library: good archeology resource.

Hebraic Commentary on the Gospels: Good stuff, not comprehensive, but good resource.

Bible Gateway: I use this at least a dozen times a day.

Old Testament Gateway Good site to dig around for O.T. resources

Hebrew Streams: Helps to make the connections between the N.T and it’s Hebrew roots.

N.T. Wright Page: I check this site for almost every teaching I do.

Bible Web App: Really great practical tool for researching the Bible in it’s original language

Bible Logos: A good resource for more versions of the BIble in it’s original languages.

The Septuagint: The Bible Jesus and the earliest Christians read, but in English.

Fun Sites to Visit:

FreeRice: Get a better vocabulary while feeding the poor.

Rob Bell’s Church: Great church, great teaching.

The Village Church: If you haven’t heard of Matt Chandler, check out his teachings.

Richland Hills church of Christ: I work here, so I’m biased, but it’s a great church, and Rick is a great preacher.

Burnside Writers Collective: It’s like walking into Donald Miller’s Frat House.

Scot McKnight: Author of the Blue Parakeet and The Jesus Creed

Jesus needs New PR: Funny site, good pop-culture religion references and commentary.

Human Rights Watch: Good news feed on what’s going on around the globe in the fight for human rights.

Jim Woodruff’s teachings: This is an old archive of one the greatest men I know’s teaching.

Brian McClaren’s Site: I have a kind of a love/hate relationship with Brian McClaren, he disturbs and challenges me often.

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