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What Could Be (Repost)

Yesterday, as soon as our flight to Atlanta landed, we heard the news that rocked the world. Steve Jobs, the man who changed the world, had died. It’s amazing to see how deep the emotional response is to this news. Perhaps it’s because Steve gave so many of us the gift of being able to tell our own story more artistically. Maybe it was because he inspired us to see what creative excellence could look like. But I think it was because he was one of a few true visionaries that our age has seen.

I know that this can sound like glorifying materialism, and there is a danger that Apple products can do that, but Steve Job’s life has blessed my own for more than just his products, and for that I am thankful. The following is a post from last year about one of the many reasons that I appreciated Steve Jobs way of looking at the world. 


This is one of my all time favorite Graduation speeches. And it’s not because Steve Jobs is so eloquent here, to be honest, it’s the least charismatic I’ve ever seen him. He’s reading from his notes the entire time. He seems rattled at times, and he makes as much eye contact as a nervous accountant. Continue reading What Could Be (Repost)