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The Next Christians and U2

So I’m on Sabbatical for the next few weeks from preaching. Leslie and I are so thankful for the wisdom of the Highland shepherds to work into every the rythymn of every year a season for rest and long term planning. We’ve spent the last few days with friends and family in Arkansas, swimming in rivers, shooting skeet and riding four wheelers…Yes I know, how very metropolitan of us.

But before this week, on the very first day of my sabbatical I got a chance to go to my first U2 concert. For over a decade I’ve listened to Bono sing about the Kingdom of God in sometimes cryptic and sometimes explicit ways. They are by far my favorite band, and Saturday night reminded me of why.

The faith of U2 has been the topic of a dozen books, and a thousand sermons. Bono has led the world in issues of justice and even said some very prophetic things to the leading powers of the world. He’s been espoused by people like Rick Warren as an authentic Jesus follower, and demonized by more conservative Christians who just couldn’t understand a “secular” rock star singing about Jesus stuff.

But that’s exactly what they are.

We live in such a superficial culture. If you ever doubt that, just TIVO the show Toddlers and Tiara’s one time. And it might be easy to try and write U2 off as one more example. But before the concert began we watched on the big screen statistics about world poverty, deaths from disease/poverty/abortion/war…which is not what you might expect before a rock concert. And yes, they were rock stars. Bono is the best showman I’ve ever seen. But it’s all connected to something larger. Continue reading The Next Christians and U2

Church at N.A.A.C.P. Awards

I’ve got a lot of grad school this weekend, but I wanted to leave a real quick post of this video that I found earlier this week. This is Bono giving a speech at the N.A.A.C.P. awards.

Bono does a good job of eliminating the divide that we have made in our culture between the Sacred and the Secular. U2 consistently lives in the world of art and justice sometimes making the two interchangable.

What I love about this clip is how church breaks out toward the end. At the N.A.A.C.P awards Bono testifies to the power of our story, “God is with the poor, and He is with us, if we are with them.”

Who else can pull this off as consistently as Bono? What Christians do you know who have earned the right to be heard in the world with this kind of platform?

Part of the danger of the Christian Ghetto (leaving Twitter for www.christianchirp.com) is that we leave the very world we could have a voice in.

Jesus once said that if people didn’t talk about him the rocks would cry out.

Sometimes it’s the rock stars.