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Reverse Jonah

So last night I finished up preaching through the book of Acts after 2 years of living in it. On some levels I’m grateful to take a break from Acts. It’s hard to have an office job when you are reading about your predecessors always moving and risking everything.  But on a lot of levels I’m going to miss it. I have grown a lot in Acts for the past few years. It’s made me want to write a book about the subject, but more importantly, it’s made me want to be more like those earlier Christians.

And here’s a great example of why. Continue reading Reverse Jonah


When Leslie and I were at Harding, we spent a semester studying in Greece, and one of the weeks of the program consisted of touring Egypt. It was amazing to say the least. But our timing was a bit off. We went during the month of Ramadan, a Muslim holiday, that involves abstaining from food and sex while the sun is up. Then the participants break the fast (in community) when the sun sets.   Continue reading Lent

Sola Scriptura

So I’ve been wrestling with the eighth chapter of Acts for the past few weeks, trying to figure out what was going on then, and what that could mean for Jesus’ followers today. The story is pretty bizarre to be honest. A guy named Phillip is swept up by the Spirit (whatever that means) and is taken to meet an Ethiopian Eunuch, a man who’s in a high political position, who’s driving a chariot back to Africa. Continue reading Sola Scriptura


I know between all the family gatherings and Christmas parties this time of year that not many people are surfing the internet…including myself. But I’m coming up on the end of one my New Year’s Resolutions to post a blog at least once or twice a week, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. So in order to not ruin a streak that’s lasted a year, here’s a Christmas post I wrote a few years back. And from our family to yours:

Merry Christmas. Continue reading Christmas