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Don’t watch this video first.

So after last week’s post about David and Bathsheba, I couldn’t help but keep rolling that genius little parable over and over again in my mind. That’s the thing about Scripture, there are so many layers and levels to it, that each AHA moment is really only scratching the surface of what is there. For example…

After last week’s post, I was reading in 1st Samuel, there David is still a soldier. He’s not quite the King of Israel yet, but it’s just around the corner. King Saul’s dynasty is unraveling fast, and David has spent the last couple of years trying to hide out and wait for Saul to get all the crazy out of his system. But now David’s supplies are starting to run down, and he’s trying to make a living for he and the soldiers under him off the land.

Here’s how that worked back then. David would protect the flocks and harvest of the citizens who lived around there, he’d keep bandits and wild animals away from their herds and then he would hope for other people to be generous in return for his services. It’s kind of like a smaller version of when someone washes your windshield at a stoplight and then asks you for a dollar.

One of these people David helped was a wealthy man named Nabal. He owns a thousand goats (which is always a good way to measure wealth) and 3000 sheep, and when David asks for some payment for helping to keep his large flocks alive…Nabal (whose name means fool) gets really, really angry. He tells these soldiers that they will go no such help from him, and that his stuff is going to remain his stuff.  Continue reading Contentment