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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Like most people in the area of the world I live in, last Thursday night, I went from depression to exhilaration within a few minutes, 7 minutes and 15 seconds to be exact. The Mavericks were down 15 points to a Superstar team composed of people who really, really want to win a championship, and who are also really, really good. To say that the Mavericks playing the Heat are like David taking on Goliath is appropriate on so many levels. And the fact that they won the 2nd game away in such dramatic fashion is inspiring to say the least.

Now I know the way professional sports works. I’m writing this post a few hours before game 3 of the NBA finals tip off. There is a chance that the momentum we had from game 2 won’t carry over to game 3. There is a chance that Goliath beats David, that is after all, what Goliath’s tend to do. But as long as I live I’ll never forget one thing about game 2.

Toward the end of the fourth quarter, the ABC commentators started showing video feed of the American Airlines center, but not the one in Miami (where the game was actually being played) but the one in Dallas. It was filled with thousands of people who were watching the game on a big screen. Think about that for a second, thousands of people came to a stadium to watch a TV screen that they could probably have had a better experience watching from home. But they came to a stadium to cheer on a team that wasn’t even there, and couldn’t even here them.

In Genesis 12, God calls a guy named Abraham to leave the town he grew up in for a completely unknown experience, and to trust in a completely unknown God. This was in a day and age where the average person didn’t travel over 30 miles from where they grew up…in their entire lifetime. But Abraham breaks that mold and travels off into the great unknown. If you are a believer in Jesus today, it’s because Abraham did that. But when he did it he didn’t know about you. He just had to trust, which he did, and it paid off. Continue reading Don’t Call it a Comeback