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Yo-Yo Hypocrite’s and Scheduling Revivals

So this week has been quite tiring for our little family. We’ve gone through the entire emotional spectrum over the past 7 days. I’m emotionally exhausted and only have the energy to write about something like kittens, or rainbows, or kittens playing with rainbows. But since there’s no breaking news on that, how about this…

K-Strauss, is a yo-yo expert…or so he says. And he says it everywhere that will let him. He’s been on a half-dozen different news stations claiming to go to different schools with a message about the environment, but he never gets to that. Instead he always starts talking about the broken home he’s from, or how messed up our school systems are these days. Continue reading Yo-Yo Hypocrite’s and Scheduling Revivals

Misc. Happenings and Resurrection

So last week was a hectic pace of being filled and having fun. Rick took about 10 young preachers to a preacher’s retreat with Bob Russell in Louisville. It was a fun time of being with some peers, learning really practical ministry advice from Bob and Rick, touring the Louisville bat factory (it had some ministry application) and bowling (not so much ministry application).

Then a few of us went to a Preacher’s conference at Lipscomb University, which is fast becoming one of my favorite Christian colleges. At the conference a few of us got to sit at the feet of some real Theological heavy-hitters like Tremper Longman and Scot McKnight (author of the Jesus Creed and Blue Parakeet). So after two back-to-back conferences, my brain is tired.

I want to just think about puppies and rainbows for the next few days.

I really thought the Razorbacks were going to pull off a major upset this weekend. But as a friend said, “St. Timothy of the Philippines finally overcame.” Either we are better than I thought we were, or Florida was having an off weekend. I choose to believe the first one.


This weekend in church we showed this video of a good friend of mine. His name is Rodney and I wrote about his story here last year.

If anyone exemplifies 1 Corinthians 6:11 it’s Rodney. He’s got a past. But you wouldn’t know it by talking to him, because who Rodney used to be isn’t nearly as exciting as who he is going to be.

Rodney is going to be a great minister. He’s a gifted leader and communicator, and I look forward to hearing him preach to his own congregation one day. With his permission I am posting the video we made of his story here because it’s so powerful.

Stories like Rodney’s life remind me of the real reason I believe in Easter.

As much as we can talk about evidence that Jesus rose from the dead, nothing helps me believe in Jesus as seeing his resurrection power in someone’s life. God is up to something in Rodney’s life that has changed everything for him, and all of us around him can tell.