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Making it Home

So this coming Sunday is Homecoming for ACU, and at the Highland Church that means a lot of friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while are back in town for worship. This video is a promo that we shot for this weekend back in July. It’s about the series we are going through this Fall, but for me it’s a lot more special than just some promotional video.

It’s the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, the place were Elvis was married, where Sinead O’ Conner was married, where Brittany Spears got married….twice. But for me it was Holy Ground, because I got to make this video in the very room my parents got married in 50 years ago.

They eloped to Las Vegas, and were married in the middle of the night by a Church of Christ “Reverend”. Their only witness was a woman in a Chanel House coat (who I actually got to meet back in July!) It was holy ground not because of the place, but because of the promises made there. My parents had promised to give their lives to each other, and for the past 33 years I’ve watched them do just that.

So Mom and Dad, thanks for making that promise. Because of that promise you didn’t just give me a house to grow up in, that promise was how you made it home.

And If you are in Abilene this weekend, we’d love to see you at Highland. I’ve never seen somebody do what we are going to try and do this weekend, and I’ve been dreaming about it for years. But you’ll have to come to see! Services are at 8:15 and 11:00 and our Instrumental service is at 5:00 P.M. at our Grace Campus (N. 9th and Cypress St.)

So if you happen to make it to Abilene this weekend, we hope you can make it home!

Inspi(re)ality #3: The Wedding Rehearsal

It’s interesting that at the end of the Gospel of John, John writes that he’s not telling us everything. He only writes what will help people have faith in Jesus, because if he were to write everything there wouldn’t be enough books in the world to hold it in. And so it’s really significant that John is the only Gospel that tells us about Jesus at a Wedding.

All the other gospels open with stories about Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation, but not John. Instead John opens up his book by telling us about Jesus at a wedding. And He calls it a sign.

Which is what I think all weddings are.

Think about it, Weddings are the only time a lot of people will ever step in a church or hear a minister talk about God. And to be fair, if you have to pick between them coming to a wedding or a church service, weddings shouldn’t be a bad first step for anyone. At least the Gospel of John thought so.

But I’ll get back to that.

So last week was about how I’ve learned to do weddings, but this week is the most important part for pulling one off successfully. This is about how to do the Rehearsal. Continue reading Inspi(re)ality #3: The Wedding Rehearsal